Monday, July 13, 2015

Legen Wait for it Dary Crafting

With the recent bonus that was just in game I can now proudly offer the following services in all three realms. Spellcrafting Alchemy Weapon crafting including Legendary Weapons I charge 2p per SC item and love it when I receive email about a crafting job. Might I suggest the following format. Gloves
Perfect vapor essence jewel
Perfect dusty essence jewel
Flawed watery shielding jewel
Uncut dusty shielding jewel
1 Ra / 37 Essence of Life / 10 Swamp Fog
1 Ra / 37 Essence of Life / 10 Undead Ash and Holy Water
1 Ee / 16 Ground Draconic Scales / 4 Leviathan Blood
1 Um / 6 Ground Draconic Scales / 2 Undead Ash and Holy Water Helm

Polished vapor essence jewel
Precious dusty essence jewel
Flawed airy shielding jewel
Perfect blood essence jewel
1 Mon / 21 Essence of Life / 6 Swamp Fog
1 Zo / 29 Essence of Life / 8 Undead Ash and Holy Water
1 Ee / 16 Ground Draconic Scales / 4 Air Elemental Essence
1 Ra / 37 Essence of Life / 10 Giants Blood

When the new legendries hit I will be burning through the MP charge Items I have for my own toons and for my first few orders. My pricing for leggies will be as follows. Price if you buy all the materials know exactly the name of the weapon you want and provide the drop component's and the MP charge item. 6P Price if I have to buy all the mats use my Drops and one of my MP charge items 9P until mine are gone. Feel free to email me anytime I often craft on demand when I receive an email at the minimum I reply back if I am unavailable. I am LGM all in Hibernia so if you in fact need armor or items not on housing I can craft them but people tend to price things fairly cheap so I don't play the CM crafting game with armor or Fletching.

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